Frequently Asked Questions

My ductwork is the flexible type. Will your service damage my ducts?

No. Most ductwork in newer construction in Florida is like yours, and that is why we use the method of air duct cleaning that we do. The negative air method that we use cannot damage your ductwork. We are simply vacuuming the ducts to remove loose dust and debris under controlled pressure verified by a suction gauge on the negative air machine. We do not remove the vent grills to insert any rotating device that could damage them. Any contaminants that remain in the ducts are neutralized when we sanitize the system to kill microbiological growth and to prevent their regrowth.

Will we need to leave the house while you clean our ducts?

No. All of the air coming out of our machines is triple filtered. The HEPA filter ensures that nothing harmful comes out into your home. (The air you are breathing before we clean your ducts is the risk to your health.) The natural disinfectant that we use to sanitize your ducts is also harmless to humans and pets alike, and requires no personal protective equipment, and no first aid if ingested, inhaled, or contacts skin or even gets in your eyes, and yet it kills 99.9 % of germs, and it continues to inhibit their regrowth for more than a year.

If we have you come back and sanitize every year, do we really need a UV system?

No, you won't. The sanitization addresses the entire system, preventing microbiological regrowth, so a UV system would be redundant. Most of our customers have us sanitize their ducts every year, and use the negative air only on an as-needed basis.

Do you need to hook your machine up to every duct in the house?

No, just one per system. Our machine enables a reverse flow of air from all vents that normally blow out. We block your return vents at the filter/s or the air handler, turn your system off, and start our machine. We then clean the return vents with a second HEPA filtered back-pack commercial grade vacuum cleaner.

Is the black stuff coming out of my vents mold?

It is evidence of mold contamination, as well as other microbiological contamination including mildew, bacteria and viruses. Dead mold spores turn black and show themselves on the grills, the ceiling, and any close fan blade tops. This material has a greasy texture, differentiating itself from dust which usually is light and "fluffy", and is white or light gray in color. If you see or smell mold, or if any occupants of the building suffers from mold related symptoms, have your ducts sanitized immediately.

Can duct contamination really make me sick?

Yes. It is our experience that when we see the black discharge on every vent grill in a house, some one in the family is ill. After we sanitize these homes, we receive feedback, all positive, including but not limited to the following:

  • My asthma symptoms are gone
  • My allergies are gone
  • I am sleeping much better
  • I don't wake up with headaches anymore
  • I no longer wake up with a stuffy nose or a scratchy throat
  • My nose-bleeds have stopped
  • My dog's skin rash has cleared up

How much do you charge for this service?

Please call for exact pricing for your location, and for the level of service you require. We normally do not use the  negative air machine on a system in operation since there will be no dust or debris to collect, as it blows out every time the system comes on.

A normal service includes:

  • System inspection
  • Sanitizing of the entire system
  • Cleaning of all vent grills (supplies and returns)
  • Dryer duct clean-out (if needed)


Further evidence of growth

will appear on the plenum above the air handler. If there is contamination bleeding through to the outside as pictured, you can be sure that there is even more growth on the inside. 

How we clean ducts

All vent grills are cleaned utilizing a HEPA filtered commercial grade backpack vacuum. Intake grills are usually covered with dust, and not as much microbiological growth as supply vent grills.



Contaminants will eventually

show themselves on the vents throughout your home if allowed to continue to grow.  Sanitization once a year with our natural disinfectant will kill this growth and inhibit future growth without harming occupants, including pets and plants.

A natural disinfectant is  introduced into the system intake/s with the air handler's fan running to sanitize and deodorize the entire duct system. This product will also inhibit regrowth for more than a year.



All vent grills can now be cleaned without releasing dangerous mycotoxins. Vacuuming is usually sufficient, but deeper cleaning or replacement may be necessary if grills are severely stained or rusted.



Microbiological growth usually begins

on the air handler's evaporator coils where there is moisture and darkness to support growth.

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